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Thinking Of Bid Training? | Bid Perfect - Bid Consultancy

Understanding the potential for return on investment (ROI) is important to every business. You will want to be able to forecast the benefit of putting money into something to make an informed judgement on the value of positive outcomes.

An investment in bid skills training will improve the output and knowledge of your people, but how will these advances impact your win rate and bottom line? To address these questions, we have created a Return on Investment Tool. You answer the five questions shown below and the ROI Tool does the rest for you:

How many bids on average do you write per month?
How much on average does it cost you to write each bid?
What is the average value (revenue) of the contracts you bid on?
What is the average net margin on contracts you bid on?
What is your current win rate across all bids?
By using the data you input, the ROI Tool will show how a small increase in your win rate will:

Increase your profitability
Grow your revenue
Reduce your cost for each bid you win
Training will typically improve your win rate by circa 25%. Bid skills training by Bid Perfect requires a modest investment. The ROI Tool shows you how an investment in improving the skills of your bid contributors and writers will pay back in winning bids. It will also tell you exactly how many more bids you need to win to recoup your investment. The tool is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how bid skills training is the first step to writing consistently winning bids.

Put the Return on Investment Tool to the test. Simply enter your information and see what the numbers tell you. It doesn’t commit you to anything; it’s free to use and completely anonymous. It will help you understand the effectiveness of your bidding and improvements are achieved through high impact, low-cost training.

Try the ROI Tool out now!

Remember, you can always contact us for a free initial consultation by calling 0845 6000 281 or complete the form on the last page of the ROI Tool.

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