Become ‘Proposal Winners’ with Bid Perfect

Are you winning all the RFPs, bids and proposals you could be? Are you sure you are creating proposals with the ‘wow’ factor that will put the competition in the shade?

At Bid Perfect, we know how to win bids and proposals. We have a powerful, practical formula that will raise your proposal above the competition and win you that contract. Put simply, we are here to help you increase your profits and win more work. When you win, we win.

Writing a winning proposal is not rocket science. You just have to know how to do it. At Bid Perfect we know how to do it. We have distilled years of experience into two easy-to-use, powerful tools.

1. Bid Perfect Thirteen Stage Bid Management Process©

2. Bid Value Matrix©.

Bid Perfect will teach you these practical tools and show you how to write better proposals yourself.

There are a variety of ways that Bid Perfect can further help you to become bid winners. They include:

  • Proposal management services
  • Proposal writing service
  • Proposal review service
  • Specialist proposal writer/manager recruitment
  • Proposal development training

We offer custom-made packages that allow you to mix proposal training with proposal editing, or proposal reviews with proposal management services. It is up to you and your requirements. We are ready to support you in any way we can – whatever the size of your company or scope of your bid.

Think about how much it costs in lost time, money and effort to lose a bid or proposal. Working with Bid Perfect can vastly increase that proposal’s chance of success – saving you time and making you money. The cost of winning a proposal with Bid Perfect is small compared to the costs of losing it on your own. Why accept one more costly, time-consuming loss? Become proposal winners with Bid Perfect - cut the losses and create the wins.

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