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Your Bid Downloads To Success | Bid Perfect

You get what you pay for. How many times do we hear this and how true is it? Sometimes free is good but can free be relied upon when it comes to professional advice that will affect your chances of winning (or losing) your next bid? How accurate and informed can you trust this advice to be?

Two key components of a great bid are a first class executive summary and providing effective evidence of your claims. If you are unsure of how to approach either of these requirements, we can provide straightforward, low cost answers through a series of easy-to-use, but in depth guides. These are particularly useful where enrolling on a formal course might be overkill and there’s not enough time for a spot of consultancy – you need help and advice RIGHT NOW!

These downloadable detailed documents are the solution. We have opened the Bid Perfect Shop and have stocked the shelves with three useful guides to get started:

Guide 1

Providing Evidence / Proof in a Bid

This guide will tutor you through the main types of evidence that can be used in a bid


Guide 2

Writing an Effective Executive Summary

Discover the individual sections of an executive summary and how to write them


Guide 3

Ten Golden Rules for Successful Fund Bidding

The key points to know and focus on when bidding for funding


To create these guides, our team has drawn on dozens of years of experience in bid writing to give you the best advice possible. We have combined some essential modules from our training courses and sound guidance we have given to many clients we have consulted for. You can trust that these downloads contain quality and correct information that you might not find from free material on the web and best of all, it’s available in a click (or two).

Keep an eye on the shop as we will be releasing further guides and tools to cover other aspects of the bid process.

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