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Bid Perfect is less a company and more a collective of like-minded people who are passionate about bidding and helping our customers be more successful.

Our people have worked together for a long time. Our associations and relationships stretch back over three decades. We believe in what we do and we believe in doing it always to the best of our ability.

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Marcus Eden Ellis

Marcus Eden-Ellis

Founding Director

Prior to founding Bid Perfect, Marcus was Commercial Director for Office Depot in the UK and Ireland. This, along with his previous positions at major companies such as Corporate Express (Director of Global Bids) and Xerox (Sales Director - Local Government) allowed him to develop his outstanding, competitive bid writing skills and win many large national and international contracts. 

Marcus is a highly regarded and sought after speaker on the subject of bids and tenders and he has delivered our training courses throughout the UK and Europe. 

Neal Basson

Neal Basson

Director and Senior Trainer

Neal has a senior sales background. He has worked across several sectors, including office machines, IT hardware, eLearning, and office supplies. For nearly two decades, Neal’s approach to bidding – selling through the written word – has resulted in some hard-fought wins in the UK and internationally.

Prior to becoming an owner/director at Bid Perfect, he worked in the corporate arena for companies such as Canon and Lyreco. However, Neal still demonstrates empathy with smaller and medium sized organisations. His knowledge of the mechanics of sales techniques, coupled with his unerring eye for a winning bid, makes him a valuable senior member of Bid Perfect’s team.

Neal loves the great outdoors and wine. Occasionally, together.

Linda Eden Ellis

Linda Eden-Ellis

Director of Talent Acquisition

Linda works with our clients to deliver a personal and high quality service when extra bid resource is required.

Linda's background is entirely in Talent Acquistion and she has worked across many sectors, securing the right people at the right price (which is the price you want to pay). Linda can secure ad hoc help for a short term position or, at the other end of the scale, she will head hunt the right candidate for a permanent senior role. Once you have given your brief to Linda, she will work with her team to get you the person you want, quickly, efficiently and within your budget.

Marcus Eden Ellis

Livvy McKay

Creative Director

Livvy steers Bid Perfect's creative direction towards winning bids and tenders. She specialises in guiding our team to create compelling narratives and visuals that resonate with clients and elevate their bid proposals to success.

Drawing from her extensive background, including collaborations with renowned companies like Babcock International, Siemens Mobility, and Pfizer, Livvy brings a wealth of design experience to our tight-knit team. Her previous agency experience, along with a five-year tenure in the bidding arena, uniquely positions her to navigate diverse sectors and play a pivotal role in leaving a lasting impression while securing valuable contracts.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Livvy is known for her vibrant and friendly personality. She brings positivity and a collaborative spirit to every interaction, making her a joy to work with. 

Freya Young

Freya Young

Senior Bid Writer/Manager - Social Value Specialist

Freya is our social value advisor for bids and concentrates her expertise upon supporting companies and organisations working in the social and ethical care fields. Her abilities and insightful knowledge has resulted in many successful bids for smaller organisations that would otherwise find it difficult to match the resources of larger concerns.

Freya is a passionate environmentalist and communicates this dedication into her bid writing. Outside of working in bids, Freya is also a talented film maker and producer.

Marcus Eden Ellis

Caroline Semmons

Head of Finance

Caroline manages our finances and is responsible for pretty much everything from paying the bills to credit control. Her financial career started when she joined an international reinsurance company in London and after that progressed through to managing the ledgers for a well-known car auction company. Caroline has worked on the money markets in Australia for the Westpac Bank (in Sydney) and has extensive experience controlling finances in education, sport, film and fashion.

Caroline loves to travel and is an avid follower of Formula 1 racing.

Marcus Eden Ellis

Dan Yeo

Marketing and Communications Manager

Dan manages our communications with the outside world, especially on social media and in business forums. He advises the Bid Perfect team on how to meaningfully engage with the business community and contribute thoughts and comments that add value to debates and conversations.

Dan is highly skilled in developing digital campaign strategies and utilising digital marketing tools. His expertise in using various analytical tools including Google Analytics to measure and understand digital audience behaviours is vital for us.

Dan lives in Bristol and is (extremely) passionate about plants, rural and urban landscaping, wildlife, ecology, and environmental preservation.

Marcus Eden Ellis

Neil Buirski

Digital Development Director

Neil is the Digital Development Director of Bid Perfect. Since joining Bid Perfect he has focused on developing our fantastic interactive e-learning solutions which have been delivered to customers all over the world. Neil is also the creative and technical design force behind our website.

Over a career that spans more than 20 years in e-learning, Neil has worked on large scale solutions with clients that include Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s, Arqiva, Credit Suisse and Airwave Solutions.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Dundee University and has an exceptional mind when it comes to engineering online training solutions.

In his spare time he can(not) be found playing golf or breaking limbs on his mountain bike.


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