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A truism to remember:


​What is your tender win rate? For every ten bids you produce, how many do you expect to win?

If your answer is below 50% it may be worthwhile reviewing your bid strategy.


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If you engage us to improve your bid management processes, we will review five fundamental areas of your bidding strategy:

1. Your Opportunity Inflow: how you acquire bid and tendering opportunities and then how your Bid/No Bid decision process is applied. This is where we establish the quality of opportunities you receive and how many of them you are likely to win.

2. How your Win Strategy is discussed, agreed upon and then managed. We look at your bid kick-off meetings, your project planning and we follow the communication pathways that link all stakeholders in the bid. We will analyse your identification and use of Win Themes and how they are evidenced and applied.

3. Next is an analysis of the skill sets of all stakeholders who hold bid production and content creation accountability, the way in which the needs of the customer are assessed and articulated and how the Bid Value Matrix© is constructed. A Bid Value Matrix© captures the overall strategy for your bid and will win it or lose it for you.

4. Your Review Process for each bid you produce. The open and honest way in which you are prepared to rigorously challenge your bid before it leaves your control is often the difference between a winning bid and a losing bid. We recommend a review which is an objective reality check from an unbiased, customer-based viewpoint. When we look at unsuccessful bids, we often see issues that could have been corrected before the document was submitted.

5. Your Bid Tools are the next thing we look at. This means reviewing your:

  • Bid/tender library and content

  • Bid/tender project management template

  • Bid/tender calendar

  • Data capture log and KPI suite

  • Software you might be using

  • Your bid/tender training programme.

Naturally, there is a great deal to look at and we will recommend you adopt a modular approach (i.e. one thing at a time). We do not try to fix things that are not broken, nor do we take a prescriptive viewpoint. We establish where you want to be and then empower you to get there.

Finally, a well-managed business is always mindful of cost. Therefore, we tailor our consulting programme to meet with your individual budget and needs. This is why our modular approach works so well – you have absolute control over the cost of each of our interventions and only proceed when you are satisfied that the objectives have been achieved. However, you will recoup our fees many times over if you win just one bid or tender you would not have previously.

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Bid Perfect maintains a talent pool of experienced and successful bid writers who manage and write winning bids on behalf of our clients. When we are appointed to write a bid, we tailor our solution to suit you, but the procedure is generally as follows:

A Bid Perfect associate will read the tender document (RFP or ITT) and then discuss it with you. This is to establish:

  • Background to the bid and your relationship with the customer

  • Key selling points and differentiators, win themes and value statements

  • Access to all relevant information needed to write the bid effectively

  • Open communication channels with all stakeholders in the bid

Our writer will then produce a first draft of the bid and submit it to you for your comments and notes. Once these have been received, a second draft will be produced for final approval, and, assuming approval is received, we will send the document to a professional proofreader. If required, we will print and bind your document for you, as well as manage its delivery. All files will be supplied to you at the end of the project.

This is our most basic service and we write bids for many organisations. We have a great deal of experience in this role and you can rest assured that your bid will be:

  • Written to the highest standard and compliant with best bid practice(s)

  • Managed by a bid expert with appropriate experience and ability

The cost of our writing service is based on a day rate which varies according to the scope of the bid project and the expected length of engagement. If you would like further detailed information, please contact us.


​Some of our clients prefer the option of outsourcing the production of part or all of their bid management process. This is also a service Bid Perfect can provide. There are many reasons to consider contracting out your bid writing, which are primarily to:

  • Eliminate your internal costs of production

  • Remove the effort and time spent on bid writing

  • Always ensure the highest quality of bid


  • We will assess and analyse the level of work required to write and manage the number of bids to be outsourced; both over the course of a month and then annually. 

  • This enables us to determine the level of personnel required and the resources to be deployed. 

  • Once established, we will draft a Service Level Agreement for your consideration, based on an annual contract, with a mutually agreed notice period. 

  • Methodologies and processes will be encapsulated in the SLA and both parties will become signatories to the agreement.

We provide this service for smaller organisations that do not have the resource, time or expertise to write bids regularly, and large organisations that need to cover holiday periods, maternity leave and extended sick leave.

Deciding whether or not an outsourcing programme will be right for you, requires relatively detailed discussions and we will certainly need to visit you and discuss your needs in depth.

To begin a conversation with us about this, please use the contact form.

We also run bid writing courses that show how to write clearly, concisely and deliver powerful, memorable messages.





Misspelling. Is this spelt correctly? We have slipped a few spelling mistakes into the text below. Let us know how many you spot.

No one can properly proofread or edit their own work. An objective pair of eyes on mission critcial bids is essential. We will proofread and/or edit your bid document for you and find every mistake.

We will ensure that your bid is error free and compliant with best practise. Bid Perfect employs proffessional and acredited proofreaders who are experts in their field and will improve your documents so that your bid truly reflects your expertise, your attention to detail and confirms that you are an organisation of qaulity. 

If you want to know more – just ask. When you contact us, we won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll even come and have a chat with you, face to face, for nothing. Zero cost. Did you find the mistakes (there are five)? Well done!

Bid Perfect offers editing, editors, proofreading and proofreaders for all types of documents. We have proofread flyers, catalogues, website copy, bids and tenders, letters, speeches, brochures, marketing material and presentations. We offer reduced rates for students wanting their dissertations read before submission.



  • Bids and tenders

  • Reports 

  • Manuscripts

  • Writing (websites, business copy, ghostwriting, etc.)

  • Proofreading for students (research papers, dissertations, PhD theses, etc.)

  • Business communications, brochures, publications, etc.

  • Website editing

  • Marketing materials


Find out more about our Bid Support services

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