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If you have a critical senior level bid vacancy to fill, which requires a highly qualified and experienced candidate then a retained recruitment search ensures a mutual level of commitment between the recruiter (us) and the client (you) and goes significantly beyond a typical contingency assignment.


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A recruiter is often working at speed across multiple roles with no guarantee of payment for any of the work (and cost) required to advertise the position, pre-screen and interview candidates, write up client notes and CVs, and then arranging interviews. Often it is a race in which several agencies are involved. The only candidates who will be reviewed are those currently looking who have seen the adverts on the job boards. This does not always result in clients getting the best selection of candidates, they will get the best of those who have applied.


This professional level of recruitment is absolutely worthwhile for critical, senior level vacancies.  It is an arrangement that requires a more robust and less ad hoc agreement between the you and us.

The contractual arrangement is for 30% of the agreed fee to be paid in advance. This allows our recruiter to work solely on your assignment and research the role and initiate a search, not just of existing candidate, but to also ‘head hunt’ recommended potential candidates via their own contacts in the industry. This is only practical where the recruiter has the specialist knowledge, and breadth of contacts, in the sector in which you are hiring. 

We will conduct a Background Review to seek relevant information about the candidate’s educational qualifications, closely scrutinise their work history, knowledge, experiences, and motivations. A short list of candidates will be submitted to you and we will then arrange interviews with your selected candidates, virtually or in person. We can further support you to run the interview and provide you with a Key Competency Interview Guide complete with a scoring mechanism and prepare the Behavioural Questions section.

This is an in-depth process designed to present the very best candidates to you, and to ensure each candidate is robustly qualified and completely invested in pursuing your vacancy.  It typically has extremely successful outcomes.  The balance of the fee is due only when an offer is accepted and the candidate starts the employment with you.

If you would like a conversation with one of our senior search professionals please contact us on either or call us on 0845 6000 281 and ask for Rosie or Linda.




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